Qualia Synbiotic Beta Study

Qualia Synbiotic Beta Study

During the development of Qualia Synbiotic we put our newest product to the test to find out how users would respond. Here’s what we did, and how participants responded. Hint: We were thrilled with the results!


Thirty-six healthy adults completed the study. All participants reported occasional, mild-to-moderate digestive complaints before taking Qualia Synbiotic. Participants were given enough Qualia Synbiotic to take one serving per day for fifteen days per label recommendations.

Directions were to drink one scoop (~ten grams) of Qualia Synbiotic, mixed into 8-10 ounces of water or another beverage of choice, once daily with or without food, at whatever time of day was convenient. 

Prior to beginning supplementation, and after taking Qualia Synbiotic, participants completed questionnaires that asked questions related to digestive system performance, including bowel habits, consistency of stools, feelings of discomfort, gas, bloating, etc. 

In this digestive system questionnaire, higher scores indicated poorer digestive performance (i.e., more complaints). So, in this study, decreasing scores would mean Qualia Synbiotic supports the relief of mild digestive complaints.*


Qualia Synbiotic Enhanced Healthy Digestive Performance in Just 15 Days†*

Overall digestive complaints decreased (i.e., improved) by an average of 68% (p<0.001) after 15 days of supplementing the diet once a day with Qualia Synbiotic.†*

Digestion is divided into upper and lower digestive systems. The upper digestive system includes the stomach (and parts of the small intestine). The lower digestive system is the large intestine. Our results suggest that Qualia Synbiotic supports both. Upper digestive system complaints decreased by an average of 73% (p<0.001), while lower digestive complaints decreased by 62% (p<0.001).†*   

There are five major areas of occasional digestive system complaints—abdominal discomfort, hard stools, indigestion (gas, bloating, etc.), loose stools, and upper GI discomfort. Our results suggest that Qualia Synbiotic supported relief for complaints in all five areas. Challenges related to abdominal discomfort decreased by 78% (p<0.001), hard stools by 61% (p<0.001), indigestion by 63% (p<0.001), loose stools by 70%, and upper GI discomfort by 78% (p<0.001).†*

†Disclaimer: Although these results are highly encouraging, the study was not placebo-controlled and contained a small number of participants. Larger, controlled studies will be required to confirm the findings.

Qualia Synbiotic was Highly Rated and Well-Liked††*

After completing the study, participants were asked to rate their overall experience of taking Qualia Synbiotic. Answer choices were Excellent, Good, No Effect, Not Good, and Awful. More than 9 out of 10 (91%) of participants rated Qualia Synbiotic as Good or Excellent.†† 

Participants were also asked about their interest in continuing to take Qualia Synbiotic. About 9 out of 10 (89%) of participants answered they’d want to continue taking it most days or every day.††

††Disclaimer: The survey contained a small number of participants who received the product for free.