Nikki M. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago

Works well, but I can't tolerate the taste

I really wish I could keep taking this because the effects are wonderful. I have struggled with brain fog and low energy for most of my adult life and Qualia really helped with those symptoms. Unfortunately, there is a taste in the back of my throat all day that I have tried to ignore, but I just can't. It is kind of like garlic or fish. I have a tendency to have this kind of issue with supplements (especially B vitamins), so it may not be a problem for everyone. The aftertaste was more tolerable when I took only 5 capsules, but I also did not get the full effect at the lower dose. I really hope NHC finds a way to modify the formula so people with this issue can still take it. I would still highly recommend Qualia.

The Qualia Mind capsules and their contents definitely have a smell to them. This is normal and is due to the ingredient AlgaDHA, as you mentioned, as it is derived from algae and can have that smell/taste to it if you are sensitive to it. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

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