Natalia S. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

over 4 years ago


Didn’t feel any significant change in focus. No increased memory. Slightly more energy but nothing that I wouldn’t get from my morning coffee.

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Michael L. January 29, 2021

I feel more centered and focused

Thais D. May 22, 2020

Not convinced

It seemed like a great product. Felt some effect the first week but since then it seems like it’s not doing anything anymore. Not sure if it’s worth the price.

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Patrick E. July 12, 2023

Havent tested yet

Look man, my order took almost a month to arrive to NZ. It just arrived today and I havent tried it yet. But il let you know in time.

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Justin D. September 30, 2020

Great product for the market to notice the effectiveness of nootropics

Overall had better focus, duration was better than normal but not substantial. Great overall stack formulation, close to the stack I developed for myself but the difference could’ve been chalked up to me splitting my dose in two and taken at different times in the day and this study requested the...

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