Matt V. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Great product

Great feeling after taking this product. I can perform better and have more movement during the day

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Tatiana Irvine I. May 31, 2022


I experienced some noticeable improvements in just 2 days ... in my joints, mood and light sensitivity. Absolutely amazing!All 5+. I really respect your company!

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Elaine M. January 22, 2023

Great ingredients

This product has all the correct ingredients and dosages. I have taken one round. And will continue monthly.

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Peter E. March 21, 2023

Qualia Senolytic

Just two consecutive days of taking Senolytic for the month. Too early to know for sure how it's cleaning up zombie cells but I trust the science. I have been taking Qualia Life this month as well on the days that I didn't take Senolytic. I do feel like a have more energy and clearer thoughts.

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john r. April 5, 2024

game changer

I noticed a real change about a week after. Clarity of mind!! Energy levels and mood was and is still off the chart!! Game changer.

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