kevin P. reviewed Qualia Resilience

8 months ago


Qualia Resilience is a pretty solid blend; I mostly like it for the L-theanine and ashwaganda; SOD is a good addition, too. It feels solid and gives a steady energy.

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Julianna G. August 2, 2022

Stress on stress on stress

A lot of life stressors cropped up during the trial (ironically) so it’s difficult to properly assess how effective the product was, given the extreme circumstances. However, it was nice to have a little boost on board to mitigate my stress response!

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Jennifer C. March 7, 2023

Makes peace with my thoughts

Fully functioning through stressful days without the need to want to surrender. Also, and most importantly, I'm not replaying days event over in my head at night worrying about things I could have handled better or differently. This makes peace in my mind.

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sam b. July 13, 2022


Didn't notice any major difference yet with stress but energy is up

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Stephen C. July 14, 2022

Great product for combating stress!

I feel very comfortable taking this product. Relaxed and inspired!

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