Linda G. reviewed Qualia Life

28 days ago

Qualia Life

Lots of pills to digest (plastic coating) but I can feel this starting to work - it's been 4-5 days

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Gianni B. June 19, 2019

Execellent Product

Both the Qualia Mind and the Eternus are excellent. It’s not like a sudden jolt of energy, but rather a steady supply of. It keeps me alert throughout the day. I’ve also noticed that everyday task are manageable, even as the workload is increasing I’m still able to focus and not get angry or fru...

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Nicholas H. August 16, 2023

Haven't tried it yet

Haven't tried it yet

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Elizabeth K. September 25, 2018

My body craves this product - it feels so nourishing.

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Silvia P. May 18, 2023


combines all the necessary supplements in one dose with excellent quality

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