Wendy P. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago


While a single month may be too soon to tell, I think I felt a bit more energetic after the second dose, and was able to easily move through a photo shoot that would have normally left me exhausted. I would definitely take this again.I love the science behind this product, and of course anything that helps with aging is a win in my book.

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Randi M. April 10, 2023

I felt better than I had in a long time!

I felt really great after taking this product. I felt light and full of energy. My back didn’t feel as fatigued as usual.

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katie t. November 5, 2023

Quality of Qualia

Quality product and I can almost feel my cells doing cartwheels! Curious to see how I feel after using for months.

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C L. June 9, 2022


Although I do not necessary feel or see any explicit difference after a single dose, I am excited about the promising research behind Senolytic to support healthy aging. NHC consistently provides high quality supplements backed by thorough research and science.

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Christina S. August 23, 2023

Professionally Done Product

The product is well-packaged, professionally done, and the instructions are clear. The senolytic only needs to be taken for 2 days per month which is a huge relief to trying to remember to take multiple pills at multiple times every single day. I have only taken one month's worth at this point an...

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