Alden R. reviewed Qualia NAD+

4 months ago

Product Review

I have NAD+, the senolytic and Life - can't wait to see how I feel!

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Shelly C. February 1, 2023

Still unsure

I’m a very energetic person as it is so this may have gotten me a slight bit energy. I may need to take more to see if I see additional benefits.

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Mark B. January 18, 2024


Outstanding product!!!

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Emma S. February 13, 2024

Improved Sleep

I have only been taking for a week but my sleep scores for REM and deep sleep (as measured by the Oura ring) have gone up and been the best they have ever been.

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Kelly C. April 28, 2024


I love the minds behind this company. Such smart supplements but Leo with ingredient integrity. Thank you for what you offer!

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