Mia W. reviewed Qualia Life

19 days ago

New Customer

I just started taking Qualia Life, I am only on my second day, but I am sure that I started feeling the positive effects instantly. I had a sense of mental clarity and energy on my first day that I haven’t had in a long while and I am looking forward to continuing on my Qualia journey. Yay!!

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October 8, 2021

5 stars

Matthew G. November 27, 2021

Best overall product

I've been using Neurohacker's products for years now, ever since the fist iteration of Qualia mind. Needless to say, I love their products. But, I keep going back to Qualia Life as I feel it's their best overall product and I can't afford to take them all. It has helped improved my mood, mental c...

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John S. May 25, 2019

Great, but for one thing

My only complaint is that the product comes in plastic. They are #1, but if you know anything about plastic recycling these will end up either in landfill or the ocean. The recycling middlemen only want milk and large plastic containers designed for liquids, like soaps and beverages. I personally...

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Carole A. March 29, 2024


Basically, I'm having a feeling of having needs met within my body. More intact and that means I feel able to function and deal with life as is another feeling and experience I'm having. Age 73

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