Cristina M. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

8 months ago

More energy

Just started taking it and looking forward to a few more months

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Tom M. July 11, 2024


I slept through the night, didn’t snore and awoke with calm, sustained energy, none of which I did before taking Qualia.

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Melissa S. January 20, 2024

Senolytic discovery

I’m a skeptic. So, I tried it. I feel better. I like it. Repeat

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Dan R. May 11, 2023

Qualia Senolinics 👏

This is my first time trying Senolinics. I took my first dose and second dose two days ago. To my surprise, my energy and also my vision have improved . I no longer feel the need to nap in the middle of the afternoon. I'm waking up feeling more refreshed. Having better sleep , meditations and bre...

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Michele E. June 2, 2024

One Month in

First time trying this product, as an older woman I am interested to see if it improves the quality of my energy and cognition. Nothing yet. I work in healthcare and so this is important, have to be on the ball, always. Took my second dose today and felt a little nausea. Felt better after eating ...

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