Andrea P. reviewed Qualia Focus

about 2 years ago

Love it

I freaking love this product it has helped me 100%

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Gavin C. February 15, 2022

Longer Focus

Increase focus capacity

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Mariah C. May 22, 2023

Got my focus back, plus more!

Where has this product been the last 10 years question? It's like I got my 20 year old brain back. I'm in the legal field and having my youthful brain back is amazing! I used to have a photographic memory, it felt as though it was coming back. No need to write things down,as I would memorize th...

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Matthew M. April 20, 2022

Great Product and Worth a try!

While using this product I have noticed an enhancement in focus and a more conscious awareness of my surroundings. During my last week I sort of felt a kind of burning sensation in my stomach after taking these pills. It’s not a bad burning but more of a tingling sensation burning but only in you...

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Janyss W. March 8, 2023

Amazing Product

This worked amazing the first week. I’m not sure if the effect wore off or I was doing something differently. It still works just not as good as the first week. I wish I could keep taking it to further gauge its affectedness.

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