Prachi Z. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

Great for productivity

Really help me to focus for longer hours

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Daniel S. June 18, 2022


This product is amazing! I notice a greater impact when I get enough sleep, ie. 8 hours, have a cold shower, breathe work, and regular exercise. If you have that extra edge when it comes to cognitive performance? Your in the right place. I’ve tried Alpha Brain and nothing works like this. It work...

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Michael W. December 23, 2021


This product was game changing for me!

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Mark D. September 20, 2021


There's a very distinct difference in my mental sharpness and clarity when I take Qualia versus when I don't. Imagine being able to see and focus in 4k, rather than just 1080p. I've been taking Qualia Mind for some time now, and will continue to do so.

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Bobby H. November 8, 2019

The only reason why am rating it four stars is because I haven’t been on it long enough to tell the full impact but I can say that I have lots of energy I stay focus and I actually want to get work done I want to do stuff I don’t know what it is that I would be doing but I find something to do it...

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