Harmonee D. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

8 months ago

Good Product

Easy to take. I like that it is only 2 days a month and found at the end of 30 days that I was starting to feel sluggish. Must be time for another dose!

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Terrie D. July 9, 2023


Love it . 2 days vs 30 a month . Can’t beat that!

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Shanan V. April 26, 2024

First time’s a charm

I was feeling sluggish and a bunch of joint issues for a while lately and was looking for a clean up and reboot. When I received Qualia Senolytic I took that night to get started. Figuring the body does its detox at night I thought this would be perfect. I am one that can usually notice the effe...

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David O. June 6, 2022

Looking forward to continued improvement

I took the product and have evaluated it over the past week. I can say it has helped me feel better. The packaging is high quality

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Yasmine Jeannette E. December 30, 2023


I haven't been on this long enough to understand it's full effect but definitely excited about it's potential

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