Barry S. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

almost 3 years ago


Feeling a little less foggy during the day.

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Ed H. February 10, 2022

Very positive

Andrea S. June 8, 2024

This is an amazing product!

I first ordered Focus not knowing, but hoping it would help me stay sharp for hours at a time, when I plan and write courses that I teach. I was not disappointed! Anytime I have important projects to work on I take two capsules and can plan on having sharp, focused, mental energy for many hours o...

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Maja Apolonia R. May 24, 2023

Helped with creative thinking

I noticed enhanced flow of thoughts and ideas with my morning creative work and writing. I found it was too much to have with caffeinated coffee so I had decaf on the days I used this product.

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Al N. February 17, 2022

In focus

I noticed the 1st few days that I was gettong more things done. meaning I was on task more easily. I guess I then got used to it, as I didn't seem to notice it as much. But then it must be doing something, because when I stopped, I felt something was missing. I t is a definitive difference.

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