Dominic C. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago


This product is amazing. Super focused, mood improved, and mental energy is through the roof

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Michelle P. July 24, 2023


I love this product when I take I get really focused my mind opens up

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John T. November 21, 2022


great stuff to clear the stuffiness

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Suzy Q. February 22, 2024

My favorite boost for mental clarity

As I have gotten older, I have found most neuro boosting substances are too intense for me and I get a headache, but not with FOCUS. When I take FOCUS, I just feel clearer in the head without jitters and without headache. Thank you for offering this product!

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Johnny C. January 19, 2023

Works like a charm

I would avoid mixing it with coffee since it has caffeine but overall it makes you focus without being wired.

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