Terry T. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Excellent product, more noticeable than other probiotics that I have used.

Mixed well with other powders(protein), taste was not unpleasant, overall helped with digestion, bloating, gas, bowel-movements. I feel it contributed to better overall sleep because of the above. Better sleep leads to better overall mood, alertness.

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Chuck G. June 15, 2023

Delicious gut support

This stuff works like a charm, as they! As with all Qualia products this one is second to none

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Amanda J. June 29, 2023

Great product

Great product, would take again Packaging is nice. I love the idea of the product. I’m feeling better!

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Heather F. June 15, 2023

Good Product!

The overall product is good, the only issue is the taste can be a bit bitter on its own but a splash of juice or adding it to a smoothie easily fixes that. I like that the product combines probiotics with the prebiotic fiber instead of just taking prebiotic fiber alone.

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Matt V. June 29, 2023

Good product

I have felt less bloated and have more energy during the day

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