Michael D. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

5 stars

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Jorge C. September 15, 2020


Awesome nootropic

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THOMAS F. July 30, 2022


A fantastic product that has made a noticable difference on my ability to process information quickly. Everything seems clearer.

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Hubertas S. March 28, 2023


Been using for almost a year now while on subscription! Love it! Sometimes the shipments can be older batches which do suck but the new ones are great!

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Todd V. September 11, 2020

Subtle yet effective

I first tried Qualia Sleep and was happy with the results, which lead me to consider Qualia Mind. I was specifically looking for a focus aide, and I wanted to even out the ups and downs in my energy throughout the day. Qualia Mind has noticeably improved my focus and mental clarity. I was slightl...

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