Linda F. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 6 years ago


So far, so good.

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Micheal C. November 16, 2017

Lifting the Veil

During the first 3 or 4 days I can't say definitively whether or not I experienced any significant changes. Other than the fact that I CONSISTENTLY wake up everyday at 5 AM! Something I NEVER did before. I can also say with the utmost certainty that by the end of week 1 (currently in the middle o...

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Joe B. September 21, 2017



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Kevin D. January 2, 2018

Elevated Awareness

Adjusting to the precise scheduling of Qualia was a bit of a challenge for me the first week. The first day I consumed the standard dose of 3:6 around 7:30am and was unfortunately awake a lot later than I prefer (about 11pm). The second day I lowered the dose to 2:4 and was still quite awake arou...

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Tyson H. October 27, 2017

Wouldn’t go without it!

Qualia is life changing! Tried it once and subscribed immediately after the first bottles (step on and two) were gone.

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