Qualia Vision Reviews

Andy H. - 2021-08-02
I notice it's a lot easier to stay focused during the day and be less distracted by stray emotions and daily distractions. I can think clearly and hear myself think most of the day. It's got quality ingredients and I think it's helped me to better concentrate during the days I take it and the days that I don't. Overall seems like a great brain booster!
Charles B. - 2021-07-29
I've had multiple eye surgery's for multiple issues - so my eyes get really very worn out, faster than most, these nutrients seriously help regain visual focus when stressed, pushing performance forward. Recommended.
Ellen F. - 2021-07-26
It can't be just me. Everything is sharper, colors are more enhanced, less blurry. It's like my glasses were cleaned, but I don't wear glasses.
Draven P. - 2021-07-25
I was really impressed to notice a difference in my vision after the first 1-2 weeks of use. Colors seem to pop a little more than they did before. The leaves on the trees look extra green and over all Ive noticed an uptick in contrast between colors. Im really happy with this product! No negative side effects :)
Bryce H. - 2021-07-22
Just began taking and loving it :)
Joel L. - 2021-07-20
My eyes have been deteriorating since I started spending 8-12 hours a day staring at a screen. I have 1yr old twin girls so I'm also constantly sleep-deprived and my eyes are usually tired and fuzzy. Since taking Qualia vision (QV) I've noted that my eyes are a lot "happier", they're less dry, I have less eye strain, I have hope for them getting even better once I get more sleep. I took a chance on QV, and it has exceeded my expectations. The price is also reasonable.
sharon B. - 2021-07-19
Excellent product!
Mary Kay W. - 2021-07-18
My eyes feel less tired after taking this for over a month now.
Jerri K. - 2021-07-18
Love this product! I have light colored eyes and they are very sensitive to light. I can feel the difference since starting this product. You can’t put a price on your eye health.
Casey F. - 2021-07-18
Fantastic ingredients, first of it's kind and more needed than ever, this supplement has helped my chronically strained eyes reboot. Highly recommend!!
Fred C. - 2021-07-16
Highly recommend for long periods in front of a computer! Very noticeable increase in eye strength and fatigue after an 8 hour workday. Almost no fatigue with this product and I use to experience eye fatigue after around lunchtime every day. Great product!
Charmie M. - 2021-07-16
Great product to use for being on the computer all day!
Abednego F. - 2021-07-16
It amazing
Geoff M. - 2021-07-16
I have completed one month of the Qualia vision. I have noticed reduced eye strain and less dry eyes. Excellent product to go a long with the Ultimate bundle!
Michelle S. - 2021-07-15
I’ve only been using this for a few weeks so I can’t really say if it’s doing anything yet.
Edwardo L. - 2021-07-15
I've been using this new product since it's test phase back in May, and I am a fan! It's a fantastic supplement that eases tension in the eyes--especially if you work behind computers like I do--enhances colors, keeps my eyes from drying, and improves my near and farsightedness. I truly recommend this product to anyone who works behind a computer screen consistently, reads frequently, or wants to maintain their quality of vision. 10/10
Robert H. - 2021-07-06
Eye strain is a condition that we all just adjust to. It isn't until you feel some relief, that you realize just how much eye strain you have been living with. This product helped seemed to bring some relief, although I did not notice an improvement in my eye sight as a result of this trial. sight
Doug W. - 2021-07-05
I took this product with the hope of helping my eyes recover from cataract surgery. It did help some but not as much as I hoped. The real benefit was in the stress on my eyes while working on the computer. There was a very definitive difference. I recommend this product for that benefit alone, although others may find other advantages.
Don S. - 2021-07-03
I could definitely see a difference in my overall eyesight and focus at work this week. Thank you.
Kevin T. - 2021-07-02
It took a little time at first, buy my vision became sharper, less eye fatigue. I believe this is a product worth taking!
Jake C. - 2021-07-02
I work in front of a computer all day and I noticed that taking this product made my eyes feel more relaxed and at ease than they normally feel after a day in front of a screen. It makes the work I do quite a bit more comfortable.
Brad B. - 2021-07-02
This has relieved a lot of eye strain for me.
Raymond L. - 2021-07-01
I feel like I have a little less eye strain at the end of the day. I have been using blue light lenses for some time now, but there is still a noticeable difference even on days when in the sun for long periods.
Jeff S. - 2021-07-01
Seems to be helping with my eye fatigue and dryness. Very good and balanced product.
Melissa R. - 2021-07-01
For me, 15 caps was just too little to feel a difference. I would need to test for at least a month.