Richard Powers, DC

Chiropractic Physician (D.C.) practicing integrative medicine for over forty years, he established the Holistic Healing Center in Atlanta, Georgia, co-founded the Holistic Medical Center in Stuart, Florida, and currently practices at Intelligent HealthQuarters™, of which he is medical director and founder, also in Stuart, Florida.

In December 2022, Dr. Powers launched Intelligent Health™ , a trustworthy online learning resource and shop intended to make it easier for people to make safer, more effective decisions to guide their health path forward, as well as to access wholesome and beneficial products to support their well-being and reduce their disease risks.

Dr. Powers’ authored three books, Foundations for Creating Optimal Health: A guidebook for getting and staying well; Optimizing Your Immunity: A guidebook for infection protection and illness recovery; and Your Guide to Pain Relief: Safe and effective pain-relieving strategies.

Presented as an expert on health, diet, and nutrition on cable and radio broadcasts as early on as 1985, and since 2012 has been teaching healthcare professionals how to more effectively and efficiently address chronic health challenges (cancer; autoimmune disease; Alzheimer’s; etc.) by correcting their underlying causes (oxidative stress; immune imbalance; dysglycemia; dysbiosis; chronic stress; sleep debt; toxicity; Circadian disruption, etc.).

Having completed his pre-medical education with a major in physics at Tulane University, Dr. Powers graduated summa cum laude and salutatorian of his class. He received his doctorate in chiropractic medicine in 1980 at age 23. He went on to obtain extensive post-graduate training, both in the US and in Europe, amassing well over 2,000 hours of post-graduate study in integrative medicine and whole-person health and collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the healthcare industry.

He is a founding and current member of the Xymogen Medical Advisory Board and Thought Leaders Council; a scientific/medical advisor for Neurohacker; a member of the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine; a past biological medicine research associate of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation; and a previously served on the Editorial Peer Review Board of the Alternative Medicine Review.

A pianist and composer, Dr. Powers recorded and published “Mirror Images,” a collection of original, “new age” genre of solo piano compositions. He has been playing semi-professionally since 1987 and frequently performed for the infirmed, disabled, and mentally challenged, including at Emory Medical Center in Atlanta, and at many other assisted and full-care facilities around Connecticut, Georgia and Florida.

Other interests include being in personal growth, exploring new environments and cultures, being in nature, music, dancing, comedy, archery, golfing, swimming, and spending time with family, friends, and his pets. 

Dr. Powers currently resides in Jensen Beach, Florida, with his wife, Liz, and their fur family— their dog “Pepe” and cat “Razz.”

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