Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik (his real name) is the founder of Kwik Learning and a widely recognized world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning.

For over two decades, he has served as the brain coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and educators, and as an advisor to many of the world’s leading CEOs and celebrities.

After a childhood brain injury left him learning-challenged, Kwik created strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. He has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, prosperity, productivity, and peace of mind.

Kwik’s cutting-edge techniques, entertaining presentation style, and impressive brainpower feats have made him a frequent and highly sought-out trainer for top organizations, with clients that include Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, CalTech, Harvard, and Singularity University.

Kwik is regularly featured in media, including Forbes, HuffPost, Fast Company, Inc., and CNBC, as well as online videos totaling in excess of 100 million views.  

He is the host of the acclaimed “Kwik Brain” podcast, which is consistently the #1 training show on iTunes. KwikLearning.com’s online courses are used by students in over 180 countries.

Kwik and his team have a passion for education and funds schools for children in places from Guatemala to Kenya, providing health care, clean water and learning for kids in need.

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