Daniel Gartenberg, PhD

Dan has dedicated his life to helping people sleep better. Daniel has a Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology, and is an adjunct assistant professor at Penn State University.

He has conducted grant-funded research from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Aging to develop sound environments that can diagnose and treat sleep disorders, improve sleep quality, and optimize daytime alertness. He has also developed several mobile sleep apps, such as the SleepSpace Coach, which provides personalized sleep feedback and sounds that are designed to modulate sleep quality.

His current research is focused upon accurately tracking sleep quality through wearable technology. But he doesn’t just want to measure it, he wants to make it better. Dan is particularly interested in using technology to enhance slow wave sleep (also known as deep sleep) by manipulating temperature, light, and sound. He delivered an excellent TED talk that explains how stimulating deep sleep can help us learn and consolidate memories, regenerate our tissues, and generally make us healthier and more productive.

“Dreams are integrating all the events from the day into your long-term personality and memory. Deep sleep down-regulates everything and REM integrates.” -Dan Gartenberg, PhD

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