VINEATROL®20 Grapevine Extract

Vineatrol®20 is a grapevine shoot extract rich in resveratrol monomers and oligomers. Resveratrol is best known as a calorie restriction mimetic (i.e., supports healthy aging functions), and for supporting metabolism, heart health, immunity, and cognition. Resveratrol derivatives have been the subject of thousands of pre-clinical and clinical research studies. While trans-resveratrol is the most studied of the resveratrol derivative family, some of the other resveratrol derivatives may have structure/function benefits not shared by trans-resveratrol, which could be more potent than trans-resveratrol for certain functions, and tend to be complementary when given together. In other words, there’s a complementarity in the mix of resveratrol derivatives that naturally occur in the grape plant. This complementarity has shown up in experiments done on Vineatrol®,  where it was a stronger antioxidant than resveratrol alone and a more potent sirtuin 1 (Sirt-1) activator than a resveratrol dimer. But what exactly are resveratrol monomers and oligomers? Trans-resveratrol is an example of a resveratrol monomer—a monomer is a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules—so think of it as one unit of resveratrol. Trans-ε-viniferin is a resveratrol dimer, which means it’s two identical resveratrol molecules bound together into an oligomer: Think of it as two units of resveratrol. But there are quite a few other resveratrol derivatives in the resveratrol oligomer family, since up to eight resveratrol molecules can couple together. The advantage of Vineatrol®20 is that it is standardized to contain at least 20% of these different resveratrols.*


Supports healthy aging*

Supports cognitive function*

Supports antioxidant defenses*


Vineatrol®20 is a grapevine shoot extract from Vitis vinifera (i.e., the common grapevine) grown and harvested in the famous Bordeaux vineyards.

Vineatrol®20 is triple standardized for: (1) trans-resveratrol >5%; (2) trans-ε-viniferin >5%; and (3) total resveratrol monomers and oligomers >20% (hence the 20 in the name). 

Vineatrol®20 is a registered trademark of ACTICHEM, a French company specializing in the development of resveratrol and resveratrol derivatives extracted from grapevines.

Vineatrol®20 is Non-GMO and Vegan.


When thinking about the serving of Vineatrol®20 there’s a few things to keep in mind. This grapevine extract has been standardized to contain at least 5% trans-resveratrol and not less than 20% resveratrol monomers and oligomers. When we include this extract in a formulation it’s because we want to give a range of resveratrol monomers and oligomers (not just trans-resveratrol). Focusing only on the trans-resveratrol content misses the big picture. The other thing to keep in mind is that resveratrols are not examples of more-is-better compounds. They are better thought of as a hormetic; something that in low to moderate amounts helps promote an adaptive response to stress, but which might not be as beneficial at very high servings especially if taken long-term (see Qualia Dosing Principles). Our goal with Vineatrol®20, as with all ingredient choices, is to select the appropriate serving keeping in mind both the ingredient and the other ingredients being used in a formulation. In other words, if we are also supplying other extracts with complementary polyphenols, we are likely to use less than if the only polyphenol-containing ingredient we were using was Vineatrol®20. Lastly, while high amounts of trans-resveratrol have been studied, when used as part of a grape extract, the amount of resveratrol in studies has typically been less than 10 mg and as low as 1 mg.*



Supports brain function*

Supports cognitive function in older adults* [1–9] 

Supports healthy cerebrovascular function* [1,8,10,11]

Supports neuroplasticity mechanisms* [12–14]

Supports brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels* [4–6,14–22]

Supports neuroendocrine signaling* [20,22]

Supports neuroprotective functions* [17,22–25]

Supports healthy neuroimmune and microglial function* [26–34]

Supports mitochondrial structure and function*

Supports healthy mitochondrial structure* [35–37]

Supports healthy mitochondrial function* [36,38,39]

Supports transcription factors associated with mitochondrial biogenesis (PGC-1α, NRF1, NRF2, TFAM)* [36–43]

Supports mitochondrial metabolic pathways of cell energy production [36,38,40,42–44]

Supports NAD+ pool* [38,39,44]

Supports healthy immune function*

Supports innate immunity* [45–58]

Supports adaptive immunity* [58–64]

Supports immune signaling* [59,65–72]

Supports immune tolerance* [58–63,73–79]

Supports a healthy gut microbiota*

Supports healthy gut microbiota* [80–100]

Supports gut barrier function* [83]

Supports mucosal immunity* [101–103]

Supports healthy gut immune signaling* [86]

Supports skin health*

Supports healthy dermal ECM structure (collagen, elastin)* [104–106]  

Influences melanin production* [107–109]

Supports skin antioxidant defenses* [105,106,110,111] 

Supports skin Nrf2 signaling and phase II defenses* [104,110,112]  

Supports healthy skin immune signaling* [105,106,113]

Supports skin in adapting to environmental stress* [114–121]

Influences skin autophagy* [122]

Promotes healthy aging and longevity*

Supports Nrf2 signaling and antioxidant defenses* [25,123–134]

Supports stem cell function* [135–147]

Supports telomerase activity* [135–137,148,149]

Supports anti-senescence functions* [136,137,142,149]

Supports AMPK signaling* [37–40,42–44,150,151]

Supports SIRT1* [38,40,41,43,150,152–154]

Supports mitochondrial uncoupling and thermogenesis* [36,39]

Supports clock gene expression and circadian rhythms* [155–158]

Complementary ingredients*

Apigenin - resveratrol is an apigenin bioenhancer* [159]

Piperine as a bioenhancer [74,160–163] and for cognitive function* [164]

Hawthorn for heart function support* [165]

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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