Qualia Mind Energy Shot Beta Study

Qualia Mind Energy Shot Beta Study


In April-May 2019, an unflavored and unsweetened 5-day sample of Qualia Mind Energy Shot was sent to members of our beta tester community. Participants were selected to include a mix of people who were and were not currently taking a Qualia product (e.g., Qualia Mind; Qualia Focus). Instructions were to take 1 packet of powder mixed with water or a beverage of their choice before noon for 5 consecutive days. The subgroup of participants that were current users of a Qualia product were asked to refrain from taking that product while taking these samples. Participants were asked to complete a survey questionnaire after 5 days of taking the samples. Sixty-nine persons completed the 5 days of supplementation and provided responses to the survey.


Benefits Most People Feel: More than 4 of 5 (83%) people reported excellent and good responses to Qualia Mind Energy Shot.

  • Fast Onset: More than 3 of 5 (62%) felt Qualia Mind Energy Shot within 30 minutes.
  • Long-Lasting: Over 3 of 5 (62%) continued to feel a boost from Qualia Nootropic  Energy for more than 4 hours; for 15% the results lasted more than 8 hours.
  • Enhance Energy and Motivation: More than half (56%) reported positive changes in energy and motivation after taking Qualia Mind Energy Shot.
  • Increase Productivity: More than half (54%) reported getting more done after taking Qualia Mind Energy Shot.
  • Overcome Challenges and Manage Stress: Almost half (49%) felt better able to deal with problems or challenges after taking Qualia Mind Energy Shot.
  • Work and Communicate Better with Others: Over half (55%) felt sharper and better able to express what they want in conversations after taking Qualia Mind Energy Shot.

Disclaimer: Several factors should be kept in mind when interpreting the results. The study contained a small number of participants and was not placebo-controlled. While Qualia is encouraged by the results of this small preliminary study, further controlled, larger studies will be required to verify the findings.