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5 Kristen L. - 2024-07-17
I am so happy a product was created to help kill off and eliminate zombie cells from my 53 year old body. I want to live a long healthy life for my children and grandchildren. I now feel like I can!
5 Tom M. - 2024-07-11
I slept through the night, didn’t snore and awoke with calm, sustained energy, none of which I did before taking Qualia.
5 Michael M. - 2024-07-08
Just completed m y second month and feel great! I started to. notice a difference about a week after I took the first portion. Feeling more energy and stamina as well as better sleep.
5 Richelle P. - 2024-06-29
I've used this twice now. I'm not exactly sure what this is doing, but it seems like it is doing good for me. I'm going to keep using it.

Everyone wants to slow down the signs of aging, but very few people are going about it the right way. The negative aspects of aging are one of the most ubiquitous challenges to quality of life. Scientists believe that part of the reason we experience aging the way we do is because of stressed or worn-out cells called senescent cells.* 

Qualia Senolytic combines our legendary “complexity science” formulation approach with science-backed ingredients shown to help decrease senescent cells. Its goals are similar to those of pruning a plant: support efficient use of cellular resources, encourage the regeneration of more youthful cells, and ultimately support tissue health and appearance—promoting whole-body cellular rejuvenation.* 

Two key insights into our formula:

  1. MULTIPLE INGREDIENTS MATTER: Since senescent cells are experts at surviving, we knew our formula couldn’t rely on just a single ingredient to deliver results. Instead, a multi-pronged approach helps give the body the best opportunity to reduce its senescent cell load. Qualia Senolytic provides rare and powerful compounds that have scientifically shown senolytic activity, and which collectively cover a broader range of mechanisms than existing senolytic supplements on the market.* 
  2. DOSAGE IS KEY: This is a two-day rejuvenation regimen that we suggest using every month. Intermittent short-duration dosing is the most common way that senolytics are used in studies. And data suggests that it can take weeks for senescent cells to re-accumulate in the body.*


Fisetin (from Rhus succedanea Stem Extract)

Supports tissue health by helping with pruning of stressed cells*

Quercefit® Quercetin Phytosome (Sophora japonica L. Flower Extract / Phospholipid Complex from Sunflower)

Supports tissue health by helping with pruning of stressed cells*

Longvida Optimized Curcumin® Extract (from Curcuma longa Root)

Supports brain health and cognitive function* 

Olive Leaf Extract

Supports management of stressed cells in joints*

Soybean Seed Extract

Supports healthy cellular functions involved in managing stressed cells* 

Luteolin (from Sophora japonica L. Flower Extract)

Supports tissue health by helping with pruning of stressed cells*

Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Supports liver health and management of stressed cells* 

Piperlongumine (from Piper longum Root Extract)

Supports senolytic and immune functions to help manage stressed cells*

Senactiv® (Panax notoginseng Root Extract and Rosa roxburghii Fruit Extract)

Supports exercise recovery and management of senescent cells in muscle*

Senoytic Supplements: The ultimate recipe for cell repair & rejuvenation

Qualia Senolytic represents the culmination of years of research into the biological mechanisms of aging. This two-day rejuvenation regimen may hold the key to unlocking cellular health and revitalizing aging tissues throughout the body.*

Understanding Senescence

Cellular senescence is one of the Hallmarks of Aging. It is the process by which cells permanently stop dividing but do not die off. These senescent cells linger inside the body and accumulate over time, affecting the healthy function of tissues and organs as we age.*

Senolytics Explained

Senolytics are at the leading edge of anti-aging research. The word “senolytic” is derived from the Latin words senex (=old) and lytic (=destroying). A senolytic is a substance designed to destroy senescent cells, making “room” in tissues for more youthful cells—promoting whole-body rejuvenation.*


Senescent cells are created constantly as part of normal healthy function. In healthy tissues, they are quickly eliminated by immune cells. It’s their accumulation that prevents tissues from functioning at their best. Senolytic supplements are substances that help to restore balance by promoting the elimination of senescent cells.*


The body’s natural mechanisms of senescent cell elimination tend to become less effective as we age. As a result, senescent cells accumulate, and may contribute to poorer health. Senolytic supplements work by revitalizing senescent cell elimination for support of healthy aging at the cellular level.


How to take: This is a two-day rejuvenation regimen we suggest that you take monthly. Intermittent short-duration dosing is the most common way that senolytics are used in studies. Data suggests that it can take weeks for senescent cells to re-accumulate in the body.*

Qualia Senolytic is designed to:

Resist aging at the cellular level*

Help decrease senescent cells

Support tissue rejuvenation*

Promote healthy physical function*

Improves Joint Function*

Qualia Senolytic’s Age-Defying Ingredients:

Qualia’s science team has been researching the emerging science of senolytic ingredients since their discovery in 2015. The artful blend of nine of the most researched-back senolytics in precise and complimentary dosages, led to the promising results of Qualia Senolytic’s double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial. These nine ingredients are at the absolute frontier of nutritionally optimizing human aging:


Quercetin is a yellow plant pigment shown to support pruning of stressed cells and healthy changes to their behavior. But quercetin is poorly absorbed by the human body. Quercefit® is a unique and patented Phytosome® formulation of quercetin created to overcome this bioavailability obstacle. By creating a quercetin phytosome complex using sunflower lecithin, the bioavailability is dramatically enhanced.


Fisetin is a flavonol found in certain fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries and persimmon. Like quercetin, it was one of the first senolytic ingredients ever discovered, and boasting one of the most impressive bodies of research of all senolytics. Fisetin has been strongly correlated with supporting body tissues by helping with pruning of stressed cells.


Luteolin is a yellow plant pigment used for centuries as a yellow dye. In fact, the latin name for yellow is luteus. Luteolin has a very similar molecular structure to quercetin, and much like fisetin, luteolin has also shown evidence of senolytic properties by helping to manage senescent cell elimination.


Curcumin is the pigment in turmeric that results in its yellow-orange coloring. Curcumin appears to have senolytic potential in intervertebral disc cells, but much like quercetin, it has poor bioavailability. LONGVIDA OPTIMIZED CURCUMIN® EXTRACT was developed to overcome this bioavailability hurdle and has been researched in human studies in areas including cognitive function, mood, exercise recovery, and joint health.


Piperlongumine is an alkaloid found in many species of pepper plant, and found in abundance in the Asian long pepper plant (Piper longum), particularly in its root structure from which we source our piperlongumine. It is the only natural compound known to support a novel mechanism that helps manage senescent cells called oxidation resistance 1 or OXR1.


SENACTIV® is a patented blend of notoginseng root and chestnut rose hips. It has been shown to support exercise recovery and management of senescent cells in muscle. This provides an asset within our formula to help counteract the slow workout recoveries that are common with the human aging process.


Oleuropein (a secoiridoid polyphenol) is found in high amounts within olive leaves. Our particular olive leaf extract is standardized for 40% oleuropein. A 2020 study showed that oleuropein supports the management of senescent chondrocytes—chondrocytes are the cells that create cartilage and support healthy joints (an area of our bodies which commonly experience noticeable negative aging symptoms).


The seed-like fruits from milk thistle (Silybum marianum) have been in Mediterranean diets for over 2,000 years. The main active substance in milk thistle is silymarin. Our extract is standardized to 80% silymarin by spectrophotometry, and has potential in playing a complementary role to other ingredients in Qualia Senolytic, particularly the stressed cell support of curcumin.


Soybean seeds, like most legumes, contain a type of bioflavonoid called isoflavonoids. Our soybean seed extract is standardized at 40% isoflavones which shows promise as a having a complementary role in our overall formulation. Daidzein, for example (an isoflavonoid in our extract) is one of the top four compounds identified as a possible candidate for helping manage some types of senescent cells.

Your happiness is guaranteed.

If you do not love our Senolytic Supplements for any reason, simply get in touch via phone or email and let us know you’d like a refund. More on our 100-day guarantee here.


There have been 3 studies conducted on Qualia Senolytic. In the most recent clinical study, Qualia Senolytic improved aspects of healthy function during aging, most notably joint comfort and performance were significantly improved compared to placebo.*

In a preclinical study that screened a panel of 10 flavonoid polyphenols for senolytic activity using senescent fibroblasts (the most common cells of connective tissues) from humans and mice, it was found that fisetin was the most potent senolytic, even surpassing the clinically studied senolytic compound quercetin. There are several ongoing clinical studies sponsored by the Mayo Clinic to assess the senolytic action of fisetin in humans.*

You should take Qualia Senolytic with whatever meal is most convenient for you, regardless of the time of day. You should take each serving on back-to-back days, i.e., six capsules per day on two consecutive days. Wait about four weeks before repeating. Use monthly for best results.*

We do not recommend taking Qualia senolytic every day. Intermittent use—some experts call this a “hit and run” approach—is the way senolytics are most commonly used in clinical studies to support healthy aging. It is also the way we have supplemented Qualia Senolytic in our 3 studies.*

Soybeans are the most common source of isoflavones in food. Soy isoflavones have been proposed as candidates worth exploring for supporting the management of senescent cells. The soy isoflavone daidzein was one of the top 4 compounds identified as a candidate for supporting the management of some types of senescent cells based on their structure and function characteristics. We included a soybean seed extract standardized for 40% isoflavones in Qualia Senolytic because we expect this extract to have a complementary role in the overall formulation.*