Meg H. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Worth the trips to the bathroom

I had a lot of abdominal discomfort with the product at first, but felt sharp through all of it. It definitely promotes healthy stooling and helped me to feel more mental clarity. There were days when I had up to 6 stools which is abnormal for me.

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Jaron A. June 16, 2023

Great for gut health

After using the product for a week, I could tell a difference in my gut health. Less bloating and more regular bowel movements were what improved the most.

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Marcelle L. June 16, 2023

No effect yet

I have had no problems with this product. I am not seeing any type of change.. but I am not having problems to begin with. It might be still too early to tell.. but I believe that if I were not already feeling good this would be affecting me in a positive way.

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Meaghan M. June 15, 2023


I do feel really good that I am taking care of my gut. My only two points of feedback are that there is some residue at the bottom of the cup so it doesn't disintegrate perfectly and I have had some gas/bloating but that could also be the product doing its job :) Also, my product is unflavored so...

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Geoff L. June 17, 2023

Excellent BMs

This certainly helped my digestion, keeping me regular with easy BMs. I really like that it has several fermented ingredients, good starches and fibers, along with digestive enzymes and probiotics. It even has postbiotics, which I had yet to experiment with. It really covers all the bases when it...

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