Isaac C. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 3 years ago

Works Well. Longtime customer

I have been a longtime customer, preferring qualia caffeine free so I can take with keto / bulletproof coffee. (great combo) definitely helps me to be just a little sharper without the burn out of simulants.

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Gail S. February 7, 2022

Love it...

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free really helps my memory and I have auditory dyslexia. I am amazed how it helps keep it under control.

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Hara L. April 16, 2024

Qualia Mind is an effective supplement for Cognitive Support

I have just started taking Qualia Mind and I am already experiencing a clearer mind. I only gave 4 stars because Qualia has cancelled 2 of my orders so that I am unable to try our the other products in the line.

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Tyler H. May 12, 2021

Helped my mind recover

Excellent product that does work even without caffeine. It certainly gives me energy, but it’s a blunted, comfortable focus energy. I still find it difficult to “direct” it, but my performance at work skyrockets when I take it. I’m 160 lb male and was able to use 3-4 on an empty stomach in th...

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Angela Thompson . October 15, 2023

Qualia Mind

Provides clarity of mind and improves speed of thought processing

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