Michael M. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

6 days ago

Works great

Just completed m y second month and feel great! I started to. notice a difference about a week after I took the first portion. Feeling more energy and stamina as well as better sleep.

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Erik R. March 3, 2024

Perfecting my nutrition...

Early days, just started the first 'cycle' of the Qualia Senolytic. I like my functional medicine to be, FUNCTIONAL...so will report back once I have 2 cycles/months under the belt. I do know this- the Neurohacker Podcast is undefeated, where I found this and many other recommendations. The deep ...

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Kelly M. April 10, 2023

Excellent Product!

I felt a vast improvement in overall energy and stiffness and pain relief. This product exceeded my expectations of any improvement in my daily energy level. I have not felt this much consistent energy in a long time. I will be ordering this from now on!

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Yvette D. January 31, 2023

Already have more energy and a clearer mind

I've only taken the first 2 days, but I saw increased energy and a clearer head in just a few days. This will definitely be a staple for me.

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Tricia W. October 19, 2023

Interesting Results

Within 24 hours of the second dose the pain in my knees was gone. I'm perimenopausal and knee joint pain is no fun! I'm curious to know how long it will last and looking forward to next month's dose. Thank you!

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