Dan I. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 4 years ago

Wish will work ...eventually!

I never tried a nootropic before. I don't have any particular 'issue' I'm expecting to fix BUT I really like Daniel Schmachtenberger; one of the smartest and honest people I've encountered. So, I gave it a try. 1. Quite costly, which makes it affordable only for the upper part of the population - deepening the gap even more - to put it in Daniel's terms. 2. The marketing got berserk right away. That striked me as the archetype of the "game A" at it's best. Wondering if this wouldn't have been a good opportunity to try implementing some sort of a new "game B" strategy - if would be to put the money where our mouth is? 3. The pills didn't do anything noticeable. ...yet! 4. I'm still naturally very sympathetic with the general cause and the main protagonists, and I wrote this review simply because I've been pushed twice a day with emails. 5. I (secretly) wish it will start working in any way till the end of the bottle. In that case I'll certainly be back as a believer.

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