Ronnie A. reviewed Qualia Mind

9 months ago

what’s procrastinating?!

Definitely works. When I take this product I notice that I don’t need coffee or an energy. Not only that but the energy feel cleaner and much more sustained and than an energy. I use this product before I go to work and I can still feel the effects after a 9hr shift so much so that I’m able to go to the gym after work and still have enough mental and physical energy to get chores done at home!

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James C. May 6, 2020

95percent good

The product has for 30 days...since you have to take so much which only last 22 days that part is not good..we need 30 days for this product since you paying so much...

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Ibrahim D. February 23, 2024

Freaky fast shipping

Got it shipped so fast, and worth the value.

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Danielle S. June 9, 2023

New customer

I recently added more product than I needed and really needed to take time to try the products out! I have to say this company is the most professional company who is honest and wants to help people. This this product a try! I’m Ready to think smart and get my Mind back!!

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Samir C. December 5, 2021

5 stars