Don V. L. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 6 years ago

way overpriced

I've been taking all these ingredients on my own for years. I thought I would try your product, but I would rather control my own dosage and alchemy.

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Danae M. February 28, 2018

A good start

I’m enjoying the effects I find it is sometimes a little heavy for me but mostly I’m liking it so far. It goes well with my yoga practice my focus is better. It is very useful in my work as a mental health tech and as a secretary.

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Mel Z. January 16, 2018

Qualia user for more than a year - still works like a charm

The first 6 months of using the product gave me a mental and focus boost. The more I use the product, I see enhancements related to mood and being able to be calm under pressure. Looking forward to see the new Qualia version hit the market where there is only need for one Step, as opposed to t...

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Jimmy M. December 16, 2017

The master key to life

"The master key to life" is the only way I feel I can adequately describe the effects of Qualia to the people around me that inquire about it. I've noticed significant improvements in a wide range of cognitive functions since starting Qualia, not the least of which being a perceptible increase in...

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christian b. February 18, 2018


Single Order

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