Dave H. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

The Glue Between

I have been taking Qualia Mind for several years now. Over the past 4 month I decided to take a break and noticed the difference in my ability to hold multiple projects in my head had reduced and that my mental fatigue accumulated more quickly. This rippled into my emotional state and I was less patient and often more curt and thoughtless in my interactions - I was operating on autopilot. The absence of the neurological differences from taking Qualia Mind are just as telling as the differences from taking it. It is the glue between the pro action and decision making that makes all the difference to a meaningful day.

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Good product

Gets the job done. Very effective and you can dial it up or back based on the amount you take

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Cognitive boost with relationship orientation

I really enjoy taking qualia energy. It feels similar to mind, but with more of an embodied sense. It also comes with a very engaging and sociable quality. Compared to mind or focus, which often feels more cerebral, this feels very relational, and I feel an increased draw to connect with people I...

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Best of the best

Top of the line options for nootropics

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Qualia Mind Review

Did it do what it says it does? Yes. My mental clarity, visual acuity and general depth of awareness were enhanced when taking my optimal dose, 6 caps. I was surprised to find flow states more accessible despite originally being skeptical of their claim. My workouts were more engaging and my me...

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