Robert L. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 3 years ago

The focus and energy are good - Why does Neurohacker not ship enough for the monthly consumption ?

Let's start with this - I love the product. It is effective. My focus, energy level, and mindset are tangibly upgraded. What drives me BUGGY (and has since the beginning) is that Neurohacker ships 154 tabs per bottle - YET advises taking a minimum of 7 per day. Done the math ? Yep, that means my monthly shipment is SIXTY tablets under the advised minimum dose. Why does Neurohacker do this ? I am left to wonder. The natural conclusion is that they are slowly bu surely requiring me to order more bottles over and beyond my sub. Hmmmm. C'mon Neurohacker, you could be better.

Our customer support staff reached out to with more information regarding cycling and dosage. We highly recommend cycling our product. Cycling maximizes the benefits while also preventing desensitization. As such, our products are designed for regular use, with cycling: 5 days on and 2 days off each week. It does not matter if the 2 "off-cycle" days are consecutive or apart, so long as they happen each week. The only ingredient that produces a come-down effect when not taken is caffeine. Our product contains 90mg of caffeine – about the amount in a cup of black tea, or about a third as much as in a tall Starbucks coffee. Many people will still use some other caffeine source (coffee, etc) on off-cycle days to prevent this. For maximum benefits, we recommend that people cycle off all caffeine (including this product) for one week every three months or so. The key to the product’s effectiveness is cycling off 2 days per week. This is all that’s required to prevent tolerance from forming. You may, however, notice over time that the product doesn’t seem to provide the same degree of uplift. Qualia was designed to create long-term lasting benefits and increase your overall baseline, so a less noticeable uplift over time is often indicative of a higher underlying baseline of mood and cognition being your new normal. Some people take less than the recommended dose as they have found the right dosages that work optimally for them. You may want to experiment and find the right quantity of each step that works best for you.

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