Michael D. reviewed Qualia Resilience | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Subtle but works wonders

The period of time I tried this product was the most difficult period of my life. While effects weren’t noticeable in the short term, I felt like I handled the tremendous amount of stress that came my way significantly better than expected and I attribute that to this product. Keep up the good work, neurohacker!

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mark n. July 14, 2022

helps cope with stress

I have had the most stressful weeks when I started taking this product, normally under high stress I cant sleep but was able to sleep well and get proper rest.

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Jane J. June 8, 2024

Qualia Best Science in a Bottle

Have been using Sleep, Resilience, and Senolyitic. As a new user I have been happy with a degree of better sleep and energy overall. Hoping the senolytic dosing over time can clean up those annoying zombie cells!

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Jennifer C. July 24, 2022

Helped My Anxiety

I can definitely notice a difference.

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Jennifer C. March 7, 2023

Makes peace with my thoughts

Fully functioning through stressful days without the need to want to surrender. Also, and most importantly, I'm not replaying days event over in my head at night worrying about things I could have handled better or differently. This makes peace in my mind.

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