Leslie C. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

7 months ago

Sleep formulation

I recently started taking Qualia Sleep as my sleep is terrible! I have just used this recently after trying many other things. So far the jury is out on this, however I am hopeful this will be the ticket for me!

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Tracey P. November 2, 2023


Science backed product. Appreciate that it only needs to be taken 2 days per month. Hopeful that it will improve overall health.

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Denise B. December 3, 2023

Time will tell...

I'm just starting to use this product so time will tell hopefully haha. I would like a little more detail on "how to take these pills"...with or without food? early or later in day? all at once or spread out over the day.

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John C. January 10, 2024

Unique Anti-Aging Formula

Qualia Senolytic is an ideal formula for those serious about longevity, quality of life and wellness.

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IAn K. May 1, 2023

I didn't get any effect at all

It didnt do anything for me

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