Kim P. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

about 1 month ago

Results are Real

I just completed my fourth month on this product. Prior to taking them I consulted with my doctor. He said give it a try, especially if it can help you lose visceral fat. No the product did not claim that it did that but when I hear it removed dead cells aka Zombie cells, I had to try it. The first month I felt emotionally better and my sleep went from 5 hours a night to 7. There was no major loss of fat but it took me years to accumulate the fat, I can’t expect it to be gone in 30 days. So I continued with month two and three each month feeling better than the last. Today I saw the doctor and he reviewed my blood work. He was amazed and frankly so was I when we saw a significant loss in cholesterol, liver numbers were all great, and I had lost 2 inches of stubborn flabby stuff off of my midsection. My sleep is now 7-8 hours per night and my overall outlook is more positive than before. I just ordered my next round of this product. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but for me it is AMAZING!

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Lori S. November 29, 2023

Fast shipping

Haven’t started taking yet but excited to see difference

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Annette K. August 11, 2023

Feel better already

I’ve only taken the first dose (two days) and feel better. Can’t wait until next month!

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Indra K. August 14, 2023

Feel more energy

I can feel a boost of energy since I’ve taken the first dose, thank you!

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David S. May 3, 2024


I've spent weeks researching to find the very best Senolytic, and nothing even comes close to Qualia Senolytic, in terms of the full list of ingredients, their quantity, their quality, their bioavailability (maximum absorption), nor the qualifications of their team and research. They are absolut...

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