Kristi A. reviewed Qualia Resilience

over 1 year ago

Resilience - Great Ingredients

I have every hope that this will help me with my stress level due to the ingredients that are in it. I've had some success with these ingredients in the past, but I think this will make it easier for me to be more consistent about taking it since it's all in one formula.

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Andrew T. July 27, 2022


Was a very subtle energy boost and relaxing

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Brandi B. February 16, 2022

Uplifting morning routine

Felt as if it helped with mood in morning

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Noelle V. July 26, 2022

Sense of calm

It definitely helped with stress and feeling a sense of calm.

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Brad L. July 23, 2022


I didn't notice any affect till the last week. I noticed I felt less stressed and more relaxed throughout the day. Overall it was a nice experience.

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