Colby C. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago

Qualia Mind

I’ve been notoriously known drag ass every morning. I feel so much sharper when I take MIND in the morning (usually on an empty stomach). Recently, I’ve paired it with a cold shower upon waking and I’m an entirely new person. Def recommend it to anyone that has a hard time kicking into gear in the mornings.

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4 stars

Kati B. January 3, 2022

Excellent results with Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is an excellent addition to my focus/energy/cognition stack. I feel clear and energized and have more motivation to complete projects that I used to struggle with.

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Shaina S. March 24, 2022

Good product

Wakes me up subtlety and gets my mind working.

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Charles B. April 29, 2023

Qualia Mind is the best tool

Excellent results with Qualia Mind, works even better with the companion podcast, both highly recommended.

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