Devin B. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago

Qualia Focus

Fantastic Product, if you are looking for a boost in focus and mental acuity. I recommend this supplement.

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Katharine S. November 25, 2021

Qualia focus is gold!

Very smooth and subtle. Was a little worried about adding more caffeine to my routine but it had very little affect on my sleep. No added hyper vigilance, just smooth focus throughout the day.

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Justin W. March 2, 2023

Qualia Focus

This product gives me a slight focus during the day. It's easier to concentrate on one thing until it is completed. Its very subtle but every now and then I can feel a little jolt of the effects.

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Jolene P. August 18, 2021

First Few Days :-)

I was definitely focusing better for the second and third day. I believe the first day I was trying to see and think about it more, and it needed a day to get in my system.

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Anthony S. May 25, 2023

Great mental clarity and focus!

This product really did appear to provide more consistent mental energy for me throughout the day and mental clarity. I did notice more bruxism with some mild increases in anxiety (however the anxiety increases were not every day when taking it, only an average of 1 day per week). While I enjoyed...

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