Caleb H. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 2 years ago

Not that great

Couldn’t tell a difference at all.. I don’t see what all the hype is about honestly 🥴🙄😑

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Melissa M. May 19, 2023

Helpful for writing and studying

I found this product to be helpful for studying and writing. I can have a challenging time focusing and this product does assist well.

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Geovani M. January 12, 2023

Career saver

I was struggling get out of a hole I was in and on the verge of burning out from work. Qualia Focus literally saved my career, allowed me to enter flowstate at will! Little to no side effects and use it only when you need it.

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Julian G. May 20, 2023

Good product

It works really good and gives you no jitters!

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Abhi S. August 18, 2021

9 days in...

I think this product is ok. I see immediate benefits for a couple hours, but then feel a little tired later on in the day. Also seems to be negatively affecting my sleep according to apple watch data.

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