randy r. reviewed Qualia Synbiotic | Beta Tester

12 months ago

Liked the taste of the powder .

The overall product is good, the only issue is the taste can be a bit bitter on its own but a splash of juice or adding it to a smoothie easily fixes that.

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Belinda H. February 18, 2024

Just Getting Started

I'm just finishing round one and I have a good feeling about this product. It's going good so far with no negative side effects that I can tell. I'm hopeful that it's going to help improve my quality of life as I creep towards the second half.

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Andrew T. June 15, 2023


Has helped digestive process and mood seems better. Improves gut through multiple pathways.

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Todd S. June 17, 2023

The perfect "all-in-one" gut health product

The perfect "all-in-one" gut health product. I had been using a prebiotic, a probiotic, and a digestive enzyme. Synbiotic is working better for me than the three stand-alone products...and is more convenient! Having read the Qualia blog on Synbiotic - I see why this is so effective. Not only...

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Bruce M. June 30, 2023

More efficient digestion

After taking the product for a month, I find it very effective. My digestion seems to work overall more smoothly, and I definitely have more energy after I eat and throughout the day. It tastes wonderful, and I find it very easy to take each morning, even looking forward to it! The packaging ...

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