Isaac R. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 6 years ago

Not Quite as Effective as 'Product # 20180605.001'

This product I like, but if this current version of 'Qualia Mind' is in comparison to 'Product # 20180605.001'; I would give 'Qualia Mind'; the current version; a 7 out of 10 versus 'Product # 20180605.001' which I would have to give a 10 out of 10. The Focus is there, but appears to be less than 'Product # 20180605.001'; the Energy; in my opinion; I don't feel so Energized no matter how much Water I consume and tend to yawn for my last 3-to-4 Hours of my 9-Hour Shift, but my Outlook is Positive. In short; if you pull the Survey Information from me on the testing of 'Product # 20180605.001'; my review on this potentially up and coming product still stands. If you happen to need the URL I was directed to for that Survey; it was ''. Perhaps an overkill; you can edit it out if you see it fit, but my name for identification purposes is 'Isaac Neil Romero'. If 'Product # 20180605.001' becomes the a product I can purchase; you will have a LONGTERM customer here, because that combination made me the SHARPEST I have ever been. *shakes $500 in the air; willing to pay that monthly; that's how impressed he is on 'Product # 20180605.001' ( : - D

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