Brendon R. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 3 years ago

Not delivered

Have not received my order yet

Hi Brendon! Thank you for your review, we have reached out to you via email.

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Aaron H. December 15, 2022


Love it it…This really works!

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Steve D. June 7, 2024


Detecting the effects of a supplement can be tricky, but the thing that I have noticed with Qualia mind is that I feel 'frosty' - sharp and focused. I am recovering from meningioma surgery and this feels like a great addition to my recovery.

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Jan V. April 7, 2022

Extremely fast shipping

This is my third time ordering this and to supplement what everyone else is saying I ordered this last night and got the package the next day. Might not be your experience but I really appreciate this.

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Robert T. October 30, 2023

Mind is a game changer!

We love this product. I’ve been recommending this to other cause it works so good. I’m an artist and this product puts me in the zone! Thanks Qualia. I will definitely be ordering more.

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