Lee C. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

No effect for me. Your mileage may differ.

Well, there were no negative effects but no noticeable positive effect for me either. I hate to give it only one star, because I like the company and have used some of their other products. But, for the short-term trial of SENOLYTIC, I just didn't see any change at all. Packaging, great. Service, great. Science? The ingredients might have had some apparent effect in prior trials/studies, but unfortunately, for me there was no effect.

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Kris T. February 1, 2024

Qualia Senolytic

I just received my order and am excited to experience the benefits!

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breeze k. July 3, 2023

great product

Great product

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Harmony H. September 15, 2023

Only one month

I am looking forward to trying it next month. I took it for two days and think I felt more clarity and vitality. I will see after a couple more months.

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Maria H. January 25, 2024

Senolytic auto ship

Just received my 4th shipment. I look forward to the end of the month now knowing I'm doing something good for my body that's easy and doesn't require me popping a bunch of supplements every day

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