Khalid R. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Morning focus

I feel awake and alert without coffee

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Tracie W. March 23, 2023


Love this product. My focus is awesome!

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Charles H. July 17, 2022


Helps me stay focused throughout my day and has improved my productivity at work

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Tnai G. January 15, 2023

Great product

A fantastic product that I was skeptical about at first, works quickly and I don't feel like I'm taking any sort of synthetics. The level of focus and information retention was phenomenal and I would highly recommend taking this as an alternative to some prescription medicine.

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Eric S. February 6, 2023

one week in

Just one week into this using this product and feeling the positive effects, more focus, energy, and sense of calm

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