Jennifer R. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

about 1 year ago

Just Do It

As an avid researcher and health advocate I highly recommend these senolytics. The science of “zombie” cells and their negative impacts is of extreme importance to your longevity and overall well being. If you are attuned to your body, you will notice an improvement within the first week. I highly recommend these Senolytics as a monthly must!

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Kaye C. May 22, 2024

2nd monthly dose

Feeling great after the 2nd monthly dose. More energy. Peaks my interest in trying other Qualia products.

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Traci H. March 12, 2024

Energy builder

I’ve taken Qualia Senolytic for 5 months. Each time I take the monthly dose I can tell a big difference in my energy levels the next day. It’s one of my favorite supplements & I intend to keep taking it. Bye bye, zombie cells!

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Caroline G. April 28, 2024


product came quickly

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Denise B. December 3, 2023

Time will tell...

I'm just starting to use this product so time will tell hopefully haha. I would like a little more detail on "how to take these pills"...with or without food? early or later in day? all at once or spread out over the day.

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