Janice L. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

9 months ago

Import duties

Was wondering why Spermidine is not in the mix? Dosing the first two days of each month/ see what happens

Our Qualia Life formulation contains Spermidine as we agree Spermidine has been shown to help enhance aging, and prolong lifespan. With Qualia Senolytic we focused on the nine plant extracts, seven of which we consider to be senolytics and two others we’d categorize as being senolytic complements (or potential. senolytics). Senescent cells are an example of complexity science; they use networks of cellular pathways (usually abbreviated as SCAPs) to resist being “pruned” away. But they can also use non-SCAP mechanisms—senescent cells are diverse and don’t all use identical survival strategies. And, some senolytic compounds appear to be more active in some tissues (and less active in others). Because of these interacting factors, Qualia Senolytic took a complex systems approach to managing senescent cells, selecting ingredients to address varying SCAP mechanisms (such as Fisetin and Quercetin), ingredients to complement them (such as milk thistle and soybean seed extracts), and ingredients for non-SCAP mechanisms (such as Piperlongumine) to holistically support managing senescent cells in a variety of tissues.

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Lyndi R. May 12, 2023

Super Stoked!

I just received my Qualia Synolytic yesterday. Just started my 2 day dose. I am a 62 y/o female and would like to keep as youthful as possible so that I can enjoy an active life.

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Octavia W. June 19, 2024

Really good supplement

I feel more energetic since I have been taking this supplement.

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Kim H. September 22, 2023

Maybe it DOES work?

I took the first doses (2x6capsules) and didn't notice any big difference. I cancelled any further orders, largely because the Senolytic is too expensive. A couple of days later, I noticed I was fully refreshed in the morning after only 6 hours of sleep. I never get up early unless I have to. Ver...

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Leigh F. April 29, 2023

I feel more like myself again

I was a bit skeptical at first and don’t really know what to expect but I do notice a big change in my overall energy and clarity of mind. I feel like I have the mental energy to get up and do things again. It has only been two months so I feel like I’m still testing it out but so far I’m happy a...

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