Donnie B. reviewed Qualia NAD+

about 1 month ago

General improvements

I'm taking NAD+ and noticed an improvement in my energy level. I'm quite active at 42, so any change is noticeable. Excited about seeing the compounding effects!

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Victor S. April 21, 2024

1st experience with NAD+

Noticed an increase in energy with 1st monthly dose. Looking forward to continued use of NAD+ and trying other Qualia products.

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Mary J. January 11, 2024

Great product!

I really feel better and more energized with this product.

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Luke C. April 10, 2024

Nad+ - Best Anti Aging Product Yet

I've been exploring various supplements to enhance my overall well-being and mental clarity, and I decided to give Neurohacker's NAD+ a try based on its promising benefits. I must say, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Within a short period of using this supplement, I've noticed ...

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Susan B. May 29, 2024


Day 2 my energy levels have improved. I'm sleeping better and I haven't needed to nap!

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