Sam R. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

over 1 year ago

Fantastic Mind Booster and Enhancer

Qualia Mind (w/ caffeine) is a fantastic product that really provides focus and clarity w/o jitters or comedown.

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Christopher C. May 6, 2020

The Best On the Market Hands Down

I was suspicious of the energy shots at first. I thought it was a marketing ploy to capture part of the energy drink market. I wondered why anyone would need the energy shots. Wouldn’t Eternus and/or Qualia Mind or Focus be enough? Well, after a few months of the company gaining my trust through ...

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Anthony D. March 28, 2024

Hand this out at the office

Everyone is more mindful, energetic and happy when I hand these out.

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Jayne L. September 16, 2020


Love it

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Jesse B. October 16, 2019

Clean feeling energy

Nice steady clean feeling energy is the best way I can describe it

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