Nancy S. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 4 years ago

Didn't Work for Me

I wanted to love this product, but it did absolutely nothing positive for me. I took the product in the morning as directed. My sleep was very disrupted for the first 2 nights when taking the product, leaving me tired and groggy the following days. After the first 2 days, my sleep returned to normal, but I felt no benefit at all from continuing to take the product for the remaining 3 days of the study.

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Jules M. January 7, 2020

Eternus. It's me...but better.

It's me...but a MUCH better version of me! Wonderful nootropic blend.

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Amy P. February 14, 2020


The ingredients are great. I was brought up in a home of a doctor and a nurse. We used vitamins and supplements. I married a health food store owner. This is as good as it gets; it’s the best single combination I’ve seen to date. And it delivers. Thank You.

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Fluffy M. August 19, 2021

Gimme more.

It’s legit.

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Richard P. January 13, 2021

Great product so far

I had a good experience with the product. I’m rating it 5 stars because I did experience a boost of energy that was noticeable. Even on a day after I had poor sleep I still noticed higher level of energy. The reason why it wasn’t excellent was the effects seemed to wear off after a few hours. It ...

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